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5 Healthy Ways To Restore Inner Balance

When stress gets out of control and you feel like there’s tension everywhere around you, it’s often time to take a pause. A lot of us live very hectic lives and we’re constantly surrounded by things that cause us anxiety and make us feel overwhelmed, and it can be a little difficult to keep our balance. Even when we focus on finding our peace, something pushes us over the edge and tips the scales.

So, how can you prevent this and truly reach that inner equilibrium? Well, we might have a few ideas, so if you’re in need of some handy tips, keep reading.


Begin Your Days With A Workout

Yoga is always a good choice because it gives you a unique opportunity to do sun salutations and greet the morning light, but any kind of workout is a really great idea. Working out in the morning means that we won’t find any excuse not to do it later, but also it’s a way to release stress and negative energy early on. Why not begin your day on the right foot? Physical activity has a great power to get us in touch with our inner selves, and to give us strength and stamina we need to face challenges that come our way. Stress often makes us want to escape and avoid doing anything productive, but that’s exactly when we need to take charge – exercise, because exercising will show you that you’re in control of everything that’s going on and that you can handle it.


Boost Your Health And Energy With Food

When you’re anxious you might be tempted to reach for a packet of cookies or a box of pizza, but try instead to make an all-veggie meal and drink a cup of tea. While the pleasure from eating sugar will last you for about fifteen minutes, the good mood from that healthy meal will last all day. If you keep eating well consistently, you’ll build up your immune system and even your confidence when your body starts changing and feeling better.

Certain foods like leafy greens, garlic, fatty fish, and spices like turmeric are good additions to your diet because they have many health properties that can protect you from diseases. Turmeric is particularly great because it has an active ingredient called curcumin, which can reduce inflammation levels and increase the antioxidant capacity of your body. A good diet is invaluable to a person who’s trying to be healthy as the food we eat has a huge impact on our body, our energy, and even our mood.


Take Occasional Spa Days

It would be great if you could go to an actual spa, but if it’s not within your budget, don’t worry—you can make your own spa day at home. Do a thorough scrub with the help of a dry brush, and then take a long, hot bath full of bubbles, bath salts, and scented oils. When you’re done, you can use organic coconut oil to nourish your skin and your hair, and you can make an easy DIY mask to keep on your face as you paint your nails or read a book. These little spa days are all about having a peaceful moment dedicated to celebrating your body, and they’re an important aspect of self-care.


Create Traditions With Your Friends

Humans need social contact if they’re to maintain their mental health, and it’s important to nurture your relationships with friends. Since it’s a little difficult to get together consistently as we age, a good idea is to create traditions—pick one day of the week and reserve that time for an outing with your friends. You can do anything from watching movies to starting a book club, as long as everyone is feeling enthusiastic about it and willing to show up consistently. If your friends have kids, you might even choose to put a couple of big trampolines in your backyard, and jump all around, all day long. You will create stronger bonds that will nurture your mental health and keep you balanced and happy.

Put Your Phone Down

Put Your Phone Down

While it’s totally okay to use technology and internet, sometimes it can lead to addiction. If you find yourself worrying over every picture and social media post, it’s probably a sign you need to step back, and the best way to unplug for a while is to simply leave your phone at home and go outside. A big aspect of leading a balanced life is our connection to nature, and there’s nothing like meditating in the garden or going on a hike to bring about that deep sense of peace.

Life gets tough and sometimes you lose your balance. When it happens, it’s important to get back up and nurture yourself back to health. Use these tips to find your way and feel good again.


Author Credit: Sophia Smith

An Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, graphic designer, lover of vintage treasures, basics, white and diy enthusiast. Design plays a huge role in her personal expression. She is also focusing on organic skincare, minimalism and good quality. Sophia love sharing meaningful content that inspires people. She is regular contributor at High Style Life, but over the years she has written pieces for: Everyday Power Blog, Eco Warrior Princess, Viva Glam Magazine, Mostly Sugar, How to Simplify, Natural Path, Ripped, Urban Naturale and many other blogs and magazines.

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