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Gluten Free Organic Cocoa Energy Bites

You will love these energy bites!! Super easy to make and the most delicious decadent chocolate balls that you will ever make. Full of proteins and natural sugars which your body can utilize, and wonderful for stabilizing blood your sugar levels. This recipe yields a large batch, and they are easily frozen.


1 Cup Of Organic Almonds

1½ Cups Of Organic Cashews

1/4 Cup Of Organic Honey

2 Cups Of Pure Organic Cocoa

Pinch Of Finely Ground Sea Salt

Up To ¼ Cup Water

1 Cup Of Dried And Shredded Organic Coconut

½ Cup Of Organic Cranberries

½ Cup Of Organic Cacao Nips


In a food processor, grind the nuts into a fine mill.

Mix the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl with your hands.

With your hands wet, roll the mixture into golf ball size bites.

Store the bites in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Leonie Alexander-Tomas

Author Credit: Leonie @elegantluxelife

With a love for all things simple, chic and beautiful but also clean, green and organic, I have a creative background, as an accomplished artist. Loving coffee & champagne both in equal portion, pairing delicious food with amazing wine, I am an avid traveller and voracious reader. A self confessed ‘do-it-yourself’ maven & obsessed ‘antiquer’, I adore home interior design & styling and believe no room is complete without a piece of vintage furniture. Australian born & raised, I now call Canada home.

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